Kayla Altobelli-Libercent

The foundation of Kayla’s yoga practice is holding space to be present in one’s body. She attempts to blend a sense of humor, playfulness, embodiment, and creativity into each yoga practice.  Kayla’s aims to create diverse yoga classes that are accessible to people of all levels and body types. Her intention is to encourage others to stop trying to be better, push harder, or improve, and instead cultivate compassion for oneself exactly as they are.  Kayla’s fosters her students to discover their own strength and internal wisdom. She weaves a trauma-sensitive approach to physical movement and re-connection to the body. Sometimes she infuses hip-hop/dancehall music into her classes. In her spare time, Kayla is an adventure seeker and enjoys traveling, exploring herself in other cultures—leaving her humbled, refreshed, and enlightened. Her happy place is on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.


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