Joanna Dawson, MPH

Joanna is a health educator, personal trainer and instructor who recently relocated to Vermont from San Francisco. She attended Truman State University and Bond University in Australia before pursuing health education at The University of Iowa.

Joanna became ACSM-certified in 2012, and has since worked as a trainer, instructor, and manager at multiple fitness spaces in the Bay Area. She developed a unique approach to building health through personalized fitness and better mindfulness. As a group exercise coach Joanna has taught Les Mills Grit, been a pilot instructor for Cybex Ignite programs along with Surfset Fitness, and managed Ilovekickboxing in Pacifica California. 

Beyond formal study, Joanna understands what it takes to make major body transformation as she’s personally lost over 100lbs. Joanna is passionate about understanding true health and can help anyone learn to drop weight and build strength for more pain-free living. She enjoys training beginners, athletes and anybody interested in learning more about what it means to get fit! 

 she enjoys teaching core, HIIT, circuits, cardio kickboxing and bodyweight classes. 

Online: @jodawson22 on Instagram        [email protected] 


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