Hayley Murphy

Hayley strives to create a fun and welcoming community to support people in all experience levels of yoga. She believes yoga has something to offer everyone through meditation, stretching, and body weight poses to build strength and supplement other training programs. Hayley believes yoga has helped her heal from injuries, manage stress, as well as develop a greater sense of self-confidence. Hayley has been practicing yoga for 10 years and recently received her 200 hour certification from Sangha Studio here in Burlington, VT. She is trained in alignment-based flow and with this training and her five years of nursing experience she hopes to help create stronger mind-body connection and help prevent injury. Hayley also believes that learning is life-long and is planning to attend other trainings to offer a wider variety of yoga offerings. Hayley has a strong home practice but also enjoys attending spinning classes, hiking with her dogs, and rock climbing.


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