Jintina Sundarabhaya

Jintina has been practicing yoga since her early twenties. At first starting at home practicing with DVD’s (yes – before YouTube was popular) and then finally making her way to classes. She enjoys all forms of asana practice from the stronger hotter classes like Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa to the calmer restorative classes like Yin Yoga. Having a history of knee injuries yoga has been a form of rehabilitation and further injury prevention.  As a Massage Therapist, Jintina has found that yoga has been a way to help strengthen and protect her body to maintain a healthy practice. Over time yoga has become more than just physical exercise. Incorporating breath with movement and meditation, Jintina has found yoga as a tool for staying grounded and compassionate with herself and others. Yoga has become a way of life. Jintina recently received her 200RYT from Yoga Vermont. She is excited to begin teaching yoga and sharing all she has learned, and continues to learn, in her training and years of practice.

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